[122] The Secret of My Life

I sleep to hide and
to not utter the secrets
that I distort in my mind
As your assumed reaction
destroys me into a doomed fraction
of mankind that tries to live a truthful life

I wake to run from
the dreams of your demise
that are etched like the tattoo
on your skin that means nothing
but everything you are
and everything that forms the tears
under your eyes

By saying I’m different
I’m saying the same things
that I criticise others for saying
An absence of balance in a drizzly day
A foggy nightmare of blindness
A trapped mind between
waking and sleeping

While I cry for help in this blurry hallucination
which you will understand when I’ve become
like the permanence of your
tattoo and all it means
Everything I am realises
in me
not taking a breath anymore


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