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Hi fellow bloggers,

In 2017, I started this blog with the intention of becoming a consistent writer. In 1 year I’ve gained 1,100 followers with 33,500 views but I feel like I don’t know the people who read my blog enough. So, as I delve deep into this community of WordPress, I want to know my fellow bloggers who are killing the game with their cutting-edge poetry, stories and life advice. So I will keep this post as our first talking point where we can build a community that “Smokes Words Every Day”

This concept is borrowed from one of my favourite bloggers: Make It Ultra

If you shared your blog at this site, please feel free to share it again here. Please leave a description about what readers should know about your site once they visit it. Also, remember to include a link to your blog and one of the posts that best represents what you want your readers to know.

Hopefully, this will bring some positivity in the year of 2018 in our very special blogging community.  Also, feel free to reblog this post so we can get more people involved. Happy blogging everyone!

Rahul Gaur

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75 thoughts on “[123] Promote Your Blog Here

  1. Thank you so much for generosity! You are a wonderful writer, and you have a big heart. I write poetry and I also post small excepts from my manuscript: “Glass Lovers”. Here is the link to my blog: https://shortprose.blog/ I look forward to meeting other bloggers here. Thank you again for this marvelous opportunity!

  2. Thank you Rahul for this! I really need more of this to promote my blog. Continue to be kind and awesome with your art!

    Hi my name is Dey and I run a blog called Logystoic. I made up the name from logy and stoic. Logy means study and stoic means to endure. Well basically most of my writings involve painful experiences. Those are the thoughts I had to write instead of shouting and loose my mind. Its almost 3 months since I started this blog and I am looking forward to have more regular readers that encourages me whenever I feel in doubt with this passion that I think I have. Since I am a science teacher, I sometimes relate my writings to random science base topics (aside from my usual sad writings). My goal is to share my thoughts and to remind every one out there that they are never alone, that we can learn and become a strong boulder through the painful process of enduring the pain.

    Feel free to visit my blog: logystoic.wordpress.com

  3. Hello Rahul, thank you so much for this opportunity. Already found some thrilling blogs.
    I blog at “The Bee Writes…” (https://beehalton.com) about poetry, mental health and everything. In February I am going to do a blog event again called “Love Is Da Blog” where I offer writing prompts about love in all its glorious forms. Nice to meet you all and good luck with your blogs!!!!

  4. Thanks Rahul. It is really kind of you to consider the value of blog exchange and give us all a platform for it.

    I blog about mental illness and BDSM. You can read it here


    I also write a spiritual blog about psychic awakening and Wicca via Rhiannon Rune on WordPress

    Poetry and BDSM short stories


  5. Thank you for this, Rahul!
    I’m Emily and my blog is a collection of social commentaries (of sorts). I can’t give it a specific label though, as other posts are also about music and psychology. Some are just for humor as well! I hope you will join me at https://middlerhythm.wordpress.com/ and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or just say hello; I love discovering others’ blogs and learning more about the world. 🙂

  6. Such a great idea! I am always thrilled to me new and enthusiastic bloggers. I started a blog in 2011 when facing breast cancer. So much has changed since then, and I now live with ME/CFS, but I refuse to let life hold me down, so I converted my first blog to poetry and started a new one to document life with illness, and my husband and my journey defying illness by travelling across North America in a motor home. My favourite post from the second blog is :https://onewomansquest.org/2017/12/18/rv-able-awakening/. A favourite poem, inspired by my relationship with my father is: https://vjknutson.org/2016/11/05/the-art-of-survival/

    Enjoy! Looking forward to making new blog friends.

  7. Hello Rahul my Blog Buddy, Firstly A BIG thank you for this opportunity. It’s a really kind and encouraging idea.

    This is Falguni Panchamatia here.My reasons to write are similar to yours. To make writing a habit than merely a leisure time. Here’s the link to my blog

    My blog is about any thought that strikes my mind and more of a manifestation of immediate feelings. Sometimes writing professionally may not channelise all of our creative endeavours thus PROSE POETRY and something more.

    HAPPY READING and of course writing 😊

  8. A great opportunity for the beginners to showcase their work!

    Here’s my blog – https://randomthoughts001blog.wordpress.com

    I write micro-tales, proses and short stories and display my artwork. I categorize my writings into a couple of buckets, namely “Tea Time Tales”, “Artwork”, “Not-so-Random”, “Six-Word Stories”, “Challenges”.


    Looking forward to interacting with enthusiastic bloggers! 🙂

  9. Hello. Thanks for this opportunity. I’m a Kenyan blogger writing anything that will make my country, my African continent and the world at large a better place. madekesiworld.wordpress.com

    1. I loved reading your blog! Even though I’ve never had cancer, I’ve spent my fair share of time in the hospital. I think it’s great how open you are. I hope you are well 🙂

  10. Thank you for helping us fellow bloggers man! I started this blog about 6 months ago, it generally started as an advice blog but then developed into a platform where I share individuals work and stories! I am in the middle of publishing a poetry book so it would mean so much to me if I could get followers who would help me improve my writing! I just finished two projects on my blog, one focused on women empowerment and another about each others accomplishments! And am now starting a project on advice and helping to promote fellow writers! Link to my blog: https://allthingspale.com

  11. Hiya! I’m S. Sekar, and I’m a 17 year old writer with a blog sharing my poetry. I just posted for the first time yesterday, so I’m very, very new – but please do have a look at ‘Sherbet Lemon’ if you’re interested. I write about dark things, funny things and the enthusiastically mundane, so I hope that there will be something for everyone.

  12. Hi, first off, thank you so much, Rahul, for this platform where we can share our blog with the rest of the world! My blog, candlelitroads, is a month old. I am someone who loves to write and create worlds, emotions and inspiration with words. I’ve always seen others start blogs and you know that moment where you get a sudden burst of motivation to do something totally different, and feel like you can succeed? I’ve experienced that countless times to start a blog, but was never brave enough. However, here I am now. I thought I’d perhaps be able to share a little positivity, a little hope and love through my pieces of poetry/writing. There are a lot of things I wish I could do for others and I thought maybe it wouldn’t be too presumptuous of me to try and inspire people through my blog. So, to the reader who spent a few seconds of their life to read this, keep smiling and stay happy! 🙂 Please do check out one of my posts, here: https://candlelitroads.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/gravity/

  13. Thank you so much … my blog is based on fashion , korea , kpop , music .. i choose blogging because it’s not so popular in my country so i fell that i need to let people know about blogging .
    In my blog i’m sharing love .. something that i am passionated about it so i hope you support me ..
    If you want to know me personnally DM me on instagram @niina.2000
    My blog : niinastyle.wordpress.com

  14. My name is Ms. Flo. I have been blogging since Oct. 2017 my blog is…… TO INSPIRE US
    I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up….Anonymous! Please feel free to stop by my place & #blogmingle for a few.
    I will be looking forward to seeing you at https://toinspireus.com/

  15. Hi everyone! Do you like to eat? Are you a curious person? Would you like to know why in Asia “rice” is involved in daily greetings? If your answer to either is yes, check out my blog about food and culture and something else you might learn!

  16. Thankyou Rahul… Hello
    everyone !😃 I am a newbie and I write poetry . I am an Indian and I write both in hindi and English . My site title is Dancing words and here is the link 😃://pandapoet96.wordpress.com

  17. This is a great idea. I’ve had WordPress for a long time, but I struggled with consistency and promotion of content, but I’ve just been inspired recently to continue that which I’m passionate about.

    I write articles and blogs about all things free-thought and philosophy. I particularly like an article I wrote semi recently called “Temporary”, you can read it here:

    I strongly encourage people to get in touch with me any time. Hearing other thoughts and perspectives keep me going.

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