[124] We Live To Die Again

The lie of your fragrance
it keeps me alive
The lingering waves of
the ocean of truth
sweeps me aside

I lie here with your
distant memory
to make me alive
But the boredom of
everyday existence
sweeps me aside

A whisper of unsaid things
curl around my lips again
to watch you not knock the door
shapes your remembrance
like it just died again

26 thoughts on “[124] We Live To Die Again

      1. I guess for starters, what does the last phrase mean? The things you don’t say watch her not knock on the door, they shape how she remembers you, and then the words die again, unspoken?

      2. Hi, thanks for asking.

        In a relationship that ends, the aftermath of it is mainly dealt with remembering what we ‘could’ have said, what we didn’t say.

        The narrator of the poem is thinking about the things he didn’t say and regrets that if he did, the door he is looking at right, would have knocked and his lover would have came back.

        “It just died again” means that this regret is killing the memory itself now like their relationship was killed.

      3. Well I think that “it” at the end is a little too ambiguous. YOU probably understand it, but I didn’t understand what it was referring to.

      1. Honestly, I felt relieved that someone feels the same way. I thought I’m being weird when I think of the future without a certain person and then I get uninterested of everything in the future.

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