[125] Blip On The Radar

To become a blip on your radar
is the aim I carry my life with
for you
To transform from insignificant to significant
in your world
is the aim I assemble my thoughts by

Is it right though?
To obsess over you like a spy
The only goal becomes the actual goal
and not this journey of learning you

To become a blip on your radar
Who you obsess over
Who you don’t let out of sight
Maybe once
a blink away from your sight
But never letting it away the second time

The addiction of my obsession
strays a grey area is what I’ve been told
between love and lust and
attraction and distraction

I will let you take control of my mind
but until then
I let this obsession take over me
An obsession that’s corrupt
A destruction that’s mine

4 thoughts on “[125] Blip On The Radar

  1. Only one comment? Odd. Anyway this was very good. Thank you for writing. Keep it up!

    I like the discussion of (in)significance and the goal to be at least something to someone, or perhaps to be deliberately small to someone. That’s humble, is it not? The good kind.

    The final stanza seems to be a contrast to the body. I didn’t notice the negative tone of voice in the final stanza until re-reading it. The scariest part to me is letting someone control your mind.

    Great read!

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