[182] Privilege

My small comforting bubble bursts
with the onset of responsibility
I was walking against the traffic before
Now i am the traffic i used to curse
I was invisible with no chance of discovery
Now i am invisible with no wish to be discovered

In the comfort of the car
The falling rain blurs my vision
through the window
Shapeless souls walk and run with umbrellas
or without one
which just serves as a reminder of my privilege that I take for granted all the time
of being given the chance to be in a bubble
while others try to be comfortable without one


36 thoughts on “[182] Privilege

  1. Wonderful post ..I enjoyed reading it and the way you have connected with people and considered yourself priviliged ,is exceptional .
    .Very few people think about what pain others are going through ..I loved the content ..Keep on sharing


  2. The “Insanity of Truth” is reflected in this poem so well. Thank you for visiting “JanBeek” and clicking on “like” so I had an opportunity to discover your blog. I’m a new convert!

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  3. Hi! I just discovered your poetry today, and I’ve been reading your posts, but I really relate to this one! I think it’s because I just moved out of my parent’s house for the first time and I feel my “small comforting bubble burst” as you say. Wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

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