[197] A Mental Maze

Through the shadowless spiky trees
I watch you walk with the
graveyard of loss weighing you down
Seagulls screech a mirage of
the end of this murky forest
that you managed to find
the courage to walk through
The leaves sway in regretful melancholy
as the clouds patiently tease you
with the possibility of wreaking havoc in your world any minute
You find yourself ripping your head apart
in order to conjure up the graveyard in front of you
as that seems like the only option to end this torture of your mind
but the seagulls sing now and then again to give you hope
that the thunderous clouds scream as false

You have to choose now
No longer you can pretend to hide in this forest
and call it taking on a challenge
because the puzzle is complicating itself
and the sky is burning away
into the darkness that will engulf the forest
And I will be lost trying to
differentiate you from the forest and the darkness in which you’ll be gone forever

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