[221] Where Do We Go?

Solitude became aloofness soon
but your presence didn’t help nothing at all
It just put my dreams to sleep
and my thoughts to dream
A dream about the time when silence felt
infinitely better than the eternal beauty
that possesses you

My soul felt disturbed when
my pain echoed images
of my idleness that shut out time
It felt disturbed when everything
moved in a pace that was fleeting
It’s always about the balance that escapes
It’s always about getting closer to
something that always stays away

9 thoughts on “[221] Where Do We Go?

  1. ‘It’s always about getting closer to
    something that always stays away’

    More and more often, I think this is what life is. A constant push and pull, trying to reconcile needs so different in ourselves and the ones we want to keep close.

      1. That was me speaking in a convoluted manner 🙂
        I was referring to your last two lines (“It’s always about getting closer to/
        something that always stays away”) – I was thinking that sometimes we have quite opposing needs and wants to the people we would like to be closest to. So we end up in situations of push and pull – one person trying to get closer, but ending up distancing the other even more (sometimes even without realizing it).

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