[232] Passionate Living

Trying to find a way
In a world so unknown
Giving meaning to words
so you and I don’t feel alone
In this blue dot of loneliness
we live life
while circling the hot flame of death
we try to breath fire

Trying to oscillate between
what’s acceptable and what’s not
and not what we think as right or wrong
Reading a room by its own echo chamber
to echo what the walls have already heard
In this dog eats dog world
we eat original ideas
when we find no reference to it
we eat away the rawness of someone
till we polish them to a standard shape
till that hot flame inside them gets extinguished
till all that remains inside that person
is no rawness and no originality
till all they become is a colourless dot
inside the blue dot of loneliness that soon
will become dead when the hot flame of death
gets extinguished while killing us all

5 thoughts on “[232] Passionate Living

  1. I need to revisit this post with an inquisitive open mind. Today it just comes across as a bah humbug downer. Surely there is a hidden message. I missed it on first reading!

  2. Well written but cynical. This blue Earth is a blessing. Many joys are to be found here. I hope your writing is imaginative and that you are finding joy. 🙂

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