[273] Breathing Yesterday’s Air

The age of excess
and the diminishing impact
of the pains of our glory
and the learnings of a failure
Every lesson swept under the rug
that is hidden under my cerebrum
which is rusting in the shame for all
that I couldn’t learn
and all
that I couldn’t tell you
in time

Whenever I take a step
my imagination takes me back
to all that I have left to be here and
all that I will have to leave
I’m hearing christmas bells on halloween
I feel the sun as the crickets squeak
The displacement of time
The chaos of my silence
gets jumbled in my screams
as I feel an emotion a day too late
and leave the present to my dreams

9 thoughts on “[273] Breathing Yesterday’s Air

  1. Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark , that’s Dhoni

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