[285] empty promises

A picture so grey, on a broken paper it remains
It conjures up a time that held importance
but only in the back of my mind
Time turned its wheels and it let it drown away
it let it bury under the tip of the iceberg
Now all I see is a blinking light in my mind, still grey
I try to colour it, but the monochrome remains
in my mind, it delays and fades and rots and stings and turns
in my heart, it stays and a face and a fragrance and a chair
We burn

Her lips seem close yet so far, a distant sound getting forgotten
like the ambience of what surrounds when i looked at you
All I hear from this image are stories with only ends
faded by drunk impressions after it was clicked
No beginnings, no middle but only the end
a laugh, a whisper, the secret it whimpers but
I turn the image around
and the blotch of ink on it murmurs
“We will return here on the same day 10 years from now
With the same sun shining on our intertwined hands”
Only I have returned by the way of afterthought
Fate that pushed me here
10 years from then, the sun still shines but
on another pair of hands
who make the same promise
which will be empty like your chair

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