[308] The Truth of Now

I delay feeling the present
Rushing to feel what hasn’t happened
I delay feeling content
when I haven’t proven myself
The world slows down to a halt
but the mind keeps running
the paranoia keeps hunting
as man becomes its own worst enemy

Infinite loops of stupidity
mixed with the chase of dopamine
The distraction economy warrants
an unfocussed attention for forgetting
A mindless chatter full of programming
which has less to do with what you want
Forget about knowing it
when you don’t even begin looking for it

Laws & rules of others rather than your own
chained inside a box it’s claustrophobic in between
Subjectivity becomes collective
and the collective is then praised as objectivity
Mistaking your own silence for peace that comes
when you run away
A balloon of shadows waiting to burst anytime soon
So read your mind to rid of others
Reflect on the truth you know
rather than the chase of another
and stay where you are
because sometimes the journey
is right there inside
Just uncover



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