[307] To New Beginnings

I am beginningless
quite like the universe in which we reside
I can’t recall my first word
I can’t remember my first walk
I can’t remember my first cry
unless it’s in the form of my parent’s memory of it
It’s all inference with no perceptive truth
like we reminisce about the universe
to familiarise ourselves with our unfamiliar soul

All the matters of the soul lead to misery
Pleasant emotions eventually point towards pain
And it will continue to do so till we
get out of the cycle of confirming permanence
and understand the true nature of things as passing
How can I think abstract
when billions around me suffer?
How did I delegate my guilt when I know
everything is connected in a sense and
nothing exists as its own
The more I think, the less I do
The less I do, the more I suffer

So charmed by the present
I forget its transient nature again
I forget that I believe in time
that I can cast a spell to forget today
but what about the cyclical nature of it
as the present only leaves to return again
All I can do is be more prepared to face today when it comes tomorrow
All I can do is to do more so I can think less with the time I’ve borrowed
All I can do is birth my own beginnings
to empower the only thing in my control
The future that’s about to arrive and
the precious nature of forgetting the right things
to improve one day at a time

23 thoughts on “[307] To New Beginnings

  1. Lovely, vivid imagery. Love your poems – so visceral, so real wish I could write the way you do! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and appreciating my poem!

  2. Have you ever read Ecclesiastes? Some of your thoughts on the transient, cyclical nature of life and it’s miseries remind me of Solomon’s themes, especially in chapters 1 and 2.

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