[306] Spiral of Silence

Dancing to the tunes of your moods
forgetting rational thought as you
embrace the emotion and its wave
but you can’t ride in a flow state

Everyone else mirrors an unreality
and you feel out of sync
This is not what’s happening
is a frequent statement to think
but all that’s happening is all they say
and all they say is quite astray from what you see

You try to see it with their eyes
forgetting the individuality of the mind
The morality of God which is really the morality of the herd
double checks every feeling you start to stop feeling
A state of numbness takes over the contents of your character
but to overcome it
the only logical path is to trust the herd
and so you do and finally fall in line and smile
They smile too but not at your addition but
at their victory or at your defeat
forgetting that it’s really the defeat of mankind
It’s the defeat of the individual DNA
It’s a victory in favour of the misplaced idea of equality
It’s the victory of the herd
which is really just a defeat in disguise

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