[305] And It Rained All Night

It’s hard to turn realisations into habits
Even harder to let go of the old ones
when they’re as familiar to you
as insomnia is to the night
The sound of people sleeping
or the lack of it
is somewhat soothing to your peace of mind
but sometimes it disrupts exactly that
As in the night
you can’t blame anyone else anymore
Here you learn to stop saying “you” and take the
responsibility of using “I”

I am here and nowhere most of the time
The present exists for the future and
none of it relates to my imagination at all
I fail every day a little
to get closer to a further slow death
I crawl inside my thoughts every night
more than I sleep after all
It’s the high price I pay
to face the fear of being alone
It’s the high price I pay
to learn the habit of ‘know yourself’
and let the flight of my dreams be
unfaithful to my inner promises after all

3 thoughts on “[305] And It Rained All Night

  1. My heart ❤️ goes out to the singletons in today’s sequestered world … those who “face the fear of being alone” everyday are in my prayers. God bless you for sharing your poetry from your deepest parts. Remember, you really are never totally alone. We’re with you in spirit. Feel our love 💕?

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