[319] Erosion of Self

Scrap away my failures
before i scar my success
Let kindness meet paranoia
before i meet my demise
Eureka moments come to me
But theyโ€™re all of the devious kind

Cowardice knows me too well at night
I dwell in the hour of despair
only to keep my muses at bay
Sometimes i feel self worth is not for me
Sometimes i feel a life of love is an anomaly
A lifelong friendship with melancholy
A lonely chair and rusted bench keep me company

My thoughts become longer with no beginning in sight
I laugh away at my aimlessness and smile at all the painful mistakes full of learning
Just to be more in someone elseโ€™s shoes
I familiarise myself with others more
only to forget
what i am
what i was
what i could have been

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