[320] War of Life

Preaching honesty in vain
Everyone has already made up their minds
Shapeless phantoms impersonate bankrupt souls
The will to look ahead
corrupts the need to look inside
Imagination summons for meaning
in the form of a story

I write a letter to no one at all
It reaches on the shore of an apocalyptic beach
A man drawing his last breath
A soldier loading his last bullet
The bottle floats to nudge at his feet
He shoots it open in reflex, the letter stays up for a while
The dying man reads the letter before it is lost in the waves
The soldier points the gun at the man to say what he read
The expressionless man pulls the soldier’s gun closer
and pushes it on his forehead forming a target on his skin
The soldier’s grip loosens
to harden again into a
grim reaper look to ask for the last time
“what was written there?”
The expressionless man reveals
“Save me”
and a final laugh that reverberates with the shot of a bullet

We only listen to what we want to hear
We don’t do what we want to do

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