[321] Together, we’re alone

Similar lives meet to form bonds
and a connection to last ages
or so it felt like back then
Now you sleep at a different time
unable to pick up my calls
while my inner landscape
and its tectonic plates collide
to form volcanoes of panic
All I’m left with is a
remembrance of you saying
‘volcanoes become mountains’
I remind myself in your voice that
I will be stronger
while you become dormant in my nightmares
and I grapple with myself
fumbling around to form cohesion
of all the lessons you left behind
and things you taught me to unlearn and
all that you gave me to defend my inner terrain
while you battle your own nightmares
in your seemingly peaceful slumber

11 thoughts on “[321] Together, we’re alone

  1. This one truly stole my heart.. so deep and filled with emotions. I can’t tell you the it speaks for me. I can relate to every word of it. Thanks for great writing.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Nikhar. Made my day. Please come back for more or read my blog’s archives. There’s a lot of poetry like the one you liked and more 🙂

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