[324] Seas of Space

Answers galore but ⁣
none that fit my cadence⁣
Fragmentary focus of blinking eyes⁣
I wake up a thousand times each night⁣
I wish I was alive each time ⁣
Forgetful dreams full of insights⁣ while
traumatic nightmares fill my⁣ days
to only shake my momentary faith ⁣
and a shell that breaks
I drown⁣
I’m under a wave⁣

I’m up and I’m away⁣
I levitate
I can smell the earth⁣
I crash
I can burn the moon⁣
I’m a walking contradiction⁣
I’m the beginning but
only of my solar eclipse doom⁣

18 thoughts on “[324] Seas of Space

  1. I feel I am being repetitive to say that I like your poems: you really have a true gift to express what I can only express in French as “les états d’âme”

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