[325] Cloudy Mind

Feeling nothing of consequence ⁣
It takes a lot of effort to be normal⁣
I’m living with hail inside my head⁣ and
I walk on rainbows with my eyes closed ⁣
The reckoning wipes clean all that I cherish⁣
All that I’m left with are blindspots⁣
I become a shadow of a cyclone⁣

A silent brooding night ⁣
and a windless departure of all the answers ⁣
I lay looking at the starry sky
to discover secrets from the past
Why do I have to stay here?⁣
carrying no lessons from yesterday⁣
Why do I break myself?⁣
over nothing of consequence
Rain pours like questions
and the sky is covered with no answers at all

12 thoughts on “[325] Cloudy Mind

  1. Any man who can “walk on rainbows with [his] eyes closed” has conquered the world and all its turmoil! That alone wipes out all despair! I really appreciate all the nuances in this poem, Rahul. From a cloudy mind comes the sunshine of discernment and hope!

  2. The answers will come… I have been waiting years for some of them to come, but try my best to be patient. Try. Yep. Definitely a challenge when the questions are raining.

    Beautifully crafter piece by the way. You have sparked my brain with thoughts.

    Thanks for writing.

    Thanks for being you.

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