[328] The Heart Remembers Nothing

If I could tell you what I think⁣
I would be so free or so I think⁣
I want to be you, I and everyone else at the same time⁣
I chase everything elusive ⁣
like the hope of us getting back together⁣
All mired in confusion and ⁣
in the gloom of failed magic⁣

You’re a part of my being but ⁣
I can’t seem to recall you entirely⁣
like a book that you can’t remember you read⁣
but the feeling it gave still carries along⁣
I remember you like clouds that drizzled that day⁣
which we enjoyed at the moment only to ⁣
disregard for the relentless rain that waited around⁣
to come after the quiet in our conversations⁣

Do you remember?⁣
You held the magic to take me to places at night⁣
where I had never been, all in our conversations ⁣
Now I am stuck listening to lounge music⁣
filling the void that was never really there⁣
I am stuck in a thought that I had felt ⁣
but was it ever really ever there?

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