[346] The Fourth State of Living

All my biases and patterns
point me to a living without ordeal
A seamless painless life full of
living 10 years in the blink of an eye
but when I wake from my sleeping state
I realise regret creeping in
I observe guilt of a life gone to waste
just because I stopped seeing when
my eyes were closed
So this time I saw in my sleep blankness
Purple eyes staring back at me
I realised it’s not vantablack
but a lighter shade of dark

The next thing I know I’m in a deep sleep
But I do not know really
It’s the ‘I’ flowing through me that knows
The one that confirms that these are my thoughts
The one that says I am separate from you
The one that I see in its purpleness in the dark
The one that is driving you to be you
It is the one that you are looking for all around you
to only realise it is the ‘one’. Turiya.

6 thoughts on “[346] The Fourth State of Living

  1. wow. so interesting – I didn’t know anything about this (I had to search on Wikipedia): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turiya:

    “the fourth state… is neither wakefulness, dreaming, nor deep sleep. In reality, it exists in the junction between any of these three states, i.e. between waking and dreaming, between dreaming and deep sleep, and between deep sleep and waking.”

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