[348] We’re All Alone

Contradictions crash around here
Hearing, an anomalyย 
Time finds a way of flying
when silence is forgotten
When it finds itself
on a planet of great divides
where attention is provided
to the clouds of the world
which rains information down
It sucks up the earth
It sucks up the human soul
like pain in a heartbreak
like colour from a painting
It renders it a doom of a
black and white starry night
with you all alone reaching out
for attachment that is lost
for a connection that is gone

32 thoughts on “[348] We’re All Alone

  1. Never Lonely Nor Alone

    The ever-changing world is our home,

    And the mind-body complex is the vehicle that we traverse by.

    Never apart from it, we meet some of the countless possibilities

    Which we are not apart from.

    So, all is one, and one is all.

    And we are at homeโ€“never lonely nor alone.


  2. When connections are lost, they were either meant to be connected for only a short time, or they have become neglected and need attention for reconnection. I like David’s take on it: “So, all is one, and one is all. / And we are at homeโ€“never lonely nor alone.” And I like your caveat, “when silence is forgotten” … yes, we need to revel in the silence to find our connections. Thank you for your thoughtful poem which made me become more thoughtful. <3

  3. Beautiful and thoughtful poem especially relevant for the information-laden, confusing, isolating, time-period we are going through. Thanks also for stopping by and reading my Haiban.

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