[349] The Magic of Thinking

Frantisek Kobliha

I don’t think people know how to think
They look at others to confirm reality
who look at others and it goes on and on
We have inherited tribalism
which rests in our mind
waiting for moments of disquiet
and the admittance of short term thinking
where we mistake impulse as intuition
and the world turns into a war zone
The end is nigh

I don’t think people know how to feel
They try to find the fanciest adverbs
just so they can tell they feel a bit more
not realising words are meaningless in itself
All that we are is feelings
but we give in to the narcotic desire
and the quest for validation
of what we feel to be true

But I think people know how to love
We love getting tricked at
the sight of magic and illusion
if we know what to expect
We give permanence to a moment
that feels so fulfilling and try to
sheepishly capture it in our mind
lest we forget when we wake

I think people know how to forget
We ignore the fact that we’ve felt it all before
Words give us the illusion of new days and new emotions
Forgetting tricks us into thinking it is all new
and we feel the magic of love
which give us the strength to fight the everyday fight
And if we lose then we must remember
there is always another day to begin again
to love, to think and to feel
in a magical new way

18 thoughts on “[349] The Magic of Thinking

  1. At different times in our life we think, at other times we do. Sometimes the two come together and those times can be really magical. At those times gardens are created, tended and productively enjoyed, with the knowledge it will outlive the gardener. The greatest thought and action, is that the trees being planted, will shade others.

    1. Spot on. I was talking about a similar thing where what we think and what we feel become one. Rather than thinking a thought because others are thinking it, we think because we are feeling it inside our bones. It feels like magic when we what we think and what we feel are the same.

  2. The ability to think is definitely one of the greatest magical gift for humanity. You have beautifully expressed this through your enchanting words.✨

  3. The world so needs reminding that there’s still magic to be found for those who will take the time. And…thanks for liking my post today. Made me smile 😎

  4. I really resonate with this poem. I like that when thought, real thought and deed come together magic happens. So much of our so-called thought is nothing more than our ego’s endless noise and worry. Sometimes it is nice to rest in the gaps between thought and be calm and peaceful. I find meditation very good for this reason. Thank you for sharing, this is very profound. Carolyn β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°β€

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