[350] Innocence Lost to Time

Everyone is asleep
It means I can talk to the wind tonight
They’re finding and losing their way
and I’m closer to finding my answers at night
Driven to insanity
where the universe ends for us
and the Big Bang begins again
That’s where I find myself stuck
Am I the beginning of the end
or is it all circular instead
Clarity sidesteps for a lurid sun
and I see my beginning
in the scorching shine that blinds

I find joy right next to despair
as I cry my eyes out with smiles all around
It all seems to represent a phase to grow out of
They enlighten me to be like them, the smiling despairs
Adults who seem to have it all
but when I act like them
they seem to assume anger instead
and slowly and slowly
joy, imagination, wonder and naivety
is uprooted out of me
while they moan their lost childhood instead

The wind hears and tries to answer
on how to reclaim it back
but the asleep are up again with its howl
They begin the process to initiate me
into their sleepwalking lives and
my innocence like dinosaurs
is soon lost to the wear and tear of time

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