[351] Lost Beautiful Eyes

I seek again ⁣
my lost beautiful eyes⁣
which used to capture ⁣
the fleeting time ⁣
in the vessel of a memory⁣
For all that I need ⁣
is an unwavering focus ⁣
where I flee around in the moment ⁣
like a flying bird⁣ that is still
on an airless day⁣

I will find my way there ⁣
in the flow of it all⁣
where nothing else concerns me ⁣
but the thought in my head⁣
It takes me to places⁣
beyond where we stand ⁣
The amulet in my hand will vanish ⁣
for it will have fulfilled its purpose⁣
That’s where the journey will begin
That’s where I will finally begin

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