[420] If I Avoided Intuition

I sometimes forget
the moment of reckoning
of when I gave weight to feelings
more than reality
of me giving emphasis to
the unsaid emotions
than the ones that assumed form
in the form of tangible, tactile, physical and real
when I chose the myths, metaphors, abstract and surreal

What if i had made the other choice?
To leave the world of metaphors
in the quest of the literal meaning of it all
Would have I been as satisfied with the
appearance of mystery
or would have I been content to know
that what is there, is all there is
So I imagine

The reality of purity
of the hope of spring
of no ulterior motives
of her meaning that she will stay
of eventually realising that she wouldn’t
of letting the sun burn me up
just to match what I was feeling inside

What if I had made the other choice?
A happy fool with ignorance about his ignorance
but not an emboldened being striving to
find the hidden nature of it all
and no perilous journey to
run around in circles to really understand
that beauty lies in finding the simplicity in complexity
and not losing yourself in the complexity of it all

NaPoWriMo’s Day 2 promptAnd now, for today’s (optional) prompt. In the world of well-known poems, maybe there’s no gem quite so hoary as Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about your own road not taken – about a choice of yours that has “made all the difference,” and what might have happened had you made a different choice.

This is my take on not taking the road of writing poetry with literal meanings of things but choosing the world of metaphors, surrealism and abstract emotions. But if I had taken that road I would have been happier for I would be ignorant about the true nature of things, as I would be taking things literally as they came. Let me know what you think of my spin to this prompt!

16 thoughts on “[420] If I Avoided Intuition

  1. It’s not imperative that we “understand” ‘the complexities’ of life — we need not understand everything.
    But it’s crucial that we distinguish the simplicity that many times lay dormant there; for all complex things have simple beginnings. Pluck those out, get immersed in them — this is the message I saw in this poem. Exquisite. You chose (plucked) the world where myths, metaphors, abstract and the surreal gave you purpose. And you excelled there. You are a gifted human. The rest (whatever that may be) will come to you at the right time and in the right form. AND the best part of this is that IT will find you already with a purpose. Ripe to make room for more. Oh, how I love this. Thanks for sharing. Keep going. I wish you Miracles.

  2. “What if i had made the other choice?” LOL. I often ask that question too. I love alternative history, despite the seeming uselessness of it. A happy fool is ultra healthy; an examined life is full of anxiety.

  3. Wonderfully expressed as you always do with your original ideas. I can almost see the direction you are going to choose when I think of the end result. Love your style. You have the magic.

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