[454] Revelation of Inner Mirror

There is magic in your life⁣⁣
you already know⁣⁣
Only a need for us to ⁣⁣
understand this unknown known⁣⁣
Difficult steps to unlearn ⁣⁣
all the fed beliefs of ecstasy⁣⁣
when all it really was only a ⁣⁣
reliance on short-lived dopamine⁣⁣
Fear befalls the fallen⁣⁣
but there is a need to understand⁣⁣
there is night before the light⁣⁣
sleep before the dream⁣⁣
We’re all in too deep ⁣⁣
in our myopic grief ⁣⁣
to keep forgetting that ⁣⁣
imagination persists⁣⁣
The winter storm anticipates⁣⁣
the magic of the summer⁣⁣
Everything holds duality⁣⁣
and in its duality, the infinite ⁣⁣
What if we made peace ⁣⁣
with the oscillation in between ⁣⁣
We might just recognise the present⁣
in between the past and future’s polarity

Art by Tomas Sanchez

9 thoughts on “[454] Revelation of Inner Mirror

  1. This is so beautiful and brilliantly said. Amazing words full of truth!! And the flow your words create is just spectacular. Well done 🖤🤗🙌🏻

    1. That’s the sweetest thing anyone could say Nick. Someday I will find the will to do that! Thank you so much for making my day 🙂

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