[453] A Reminder For Living

Above all choose tranquillity⁣
when the rut is a quicksand⁣
Above all choose chaos ⁣
when all is already lost⁣
Beneath it all, you’ll find the truth⁣
On the side of truth, you’ll find you⁣

Carry wisdom in your anger⁣
Search for light in your darkness⁣
The shadow awaits you daily⁣
the stars dance in their past glory⁣
Part ways with your insecurities⁣
Shed the skin you’ve worn to hide

Be vulnerable above all.

Painting by René Magritte

34 thoughts on “[453] A Reminder For Living

      1. Yes. It’s important to have truth in our anger otherwise the hurt that it can cause could be devastating for someone.

  1. Choose chaos when everything is lost,sink deeper into misery to perpetuate misery ,where misery is no misery.

    1. Kind of. As long as no one else around you is getting affected and you get out of it eventually having learned something of value 🙂

  2. “Shed the skin you’ve worn to hide” I love this line. Beautifully said. I want to shed it, even for just a day or two. LOL.

    1. For sure. We all grow at our own pace, that is why the title is a reminder for living because we can get off the path of growth a lot of times. Thank you for your time 🙂

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