[463] We Breathe Underwater

Curiosity to see if jealousy persists⁣
If we’re really talking truth⁣
you wanted to see ⁣
if our love really persists
My stoic statue emotions ⁣
do not work with you⁣
If I really had the chance⁣
I’d let you know of tidal wave emotions⁣
that you can bring to me⁣ and
I can bring to you

I realise your hidden mysteries
a reread of Thoreau ⁣
All of my reflections⁣
start and end with you ⁣
but you find me in the middle⁣
not thinking about you⁣

The malaise of the past I conquered⁣
with all my fresh morals⁣
The one that takes ⁣
is the one that gives⁣
so if you find our rose underwater⁣
just know that it still
holds the power to bloom

Visual by Sam Cannon. Made for Quarrel by Moses Sumney

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  1. Hey. I love you work. If you ever want to collaborate and create poems together, please let me know. I’d really like to establish myself to reach your level, because wow

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