[464] Weather The Storm

Lonesome connections ⁣
Surviving predilections ⁣
Realisations of the source ⁣
of my waning willpower⁣
The mind begets peace⁣
when the body begets pain ⁣
The circle is fulfilled ⁣
with the end calling for ⁣
a new beginning⁣

Bustling connections ⁣
of the self-aware plight⁣
Ignored truth always⁣
finds a way to shine ⁣
When words become means ⁣
to divert our attention ⁣
Just know that we have lost⁣
our path to infinite ascension⁣

Walk back on the noise⁣
to the safe haven of silence⁣
Reflect upon the detours⁣
and find your way back home⁣
Feel your stardust matter⁣
Think about your purpose⁣
Walk towards your beginning⁣
There is meaning in this suffering

Sculpture is Perseus with the Head of Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini

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