[476] Follow Your Advice

Catching the impurity as it⁣⁣
leaves my lips in anger ⁣⁣
All the words I tried not to say⁣⁣
cascade with a waterfall impact⁣
The worries are in a hurry to ⁣⁣
get out rather than being felt⁣⁣
I am the hypocrite I fight against⁣⁣
The euphoria of a breakthrough is short-lived⁣⁣
The survival of a gentle feeling drizzles⁣
but it vanishes at the sight of a recurring storm ⁣⁣
Melancholia seduces an empty feeling⁣
when the mind is empty and the memories echo⁣⁣
to cause double pain from the memory of a memory?⁣⁣
I lose myself in the complexity of nothing at all⁣⁣
I become nothing in my infinity
The room needs decoration ⁣⁣
from imagination and manifestation⁣⁣
Find the inherent source of all the worries⁣⁣
Little by little to get near the precise location⁣⁣
of the emotion⁣ in me rather than judge its existence⁣⁣
I will let the storm merge into a waterfall ⁣⁣
I will become the infinity I fight against

Also, fellow blogger Andrew Blair, prompted by his spirit, replied to my poem ‘Reality is just another Dream’. His commentary on my poem is just filled with nuggets of wisdom that made me understand my words more. Here is the post – In Answer to Rahul Gaur

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Art by Paula Crown. Inside My Head. 2015.

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  1. Wow Rahul, this is just awesome. The flow is so strong and effortless. And that last line is especially powerful. Your words always have this magical way of soaking in my soul…a true gift. Amazing work, my friend! Keep shining ✨🤗🖤

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