[479] The River of Silence

If you’re asking for a lot from the world⁣
It’ll always take what you think is yours⁣
Until you realise what you thought⁣
wasn’t what you ever possessed⁣
Even thoughts become meaningless⁣
in the river of emotions and epiphanies⁣
When the current of that river is rapid⁣
you still lose some of it while trying⁣
to capture it in the web of thoughts⁣

Ashes of knowledge take time to ⁣
become one with the earth or air⁣
It returns in the sky for someone⁣ else
to think it’s theirs to keep and hide⁣
Until they also realise its fleeting nature⁣
and simply begin to really listen⁣ to the mind
letting every thought reach its place⁣
The mind becomes silent here ⁣
The soul reveals its place in that silence

Source of the image: The Verge

18 thoughts on “[479] The River of Silence

  1. Those last two lines, WOW!!! This whole piece is truly amazing, Rahul. You had me at the title and I deeply loved each line. The meaning and divinity is so powerful. Well done 🖤🖤

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