[480] Familiar Strangers

If I look at you long enough⁣
For a second, you seem like a stranger⁣
I am someone else in that second and ⁣
you belong to another world⁣

Sometimes I look at you⁣
with no desire or urge ⁣
just a feeling of marvel and⁣
not a shred of world’s conditioning⁣

What will be the genealogy of you?⁣
The root and the source⁣
of all that you are in that second⁣
The second you are not mine ⁣

Then you look at me the next moment⁣
and everything is familiar back again⁣
Our memories take the place of all my thoughts⁣
The second we belong to each other again

Illustration by Mark Conlan

21 thoughts on “[480] Familiar Strangers

  1. Wow Rahul, this is so divinely powerful. I’ve had this experience happen many times in my life and you describe it so perfectly, beautifully and vulnerably. Your words are always such a comfort to me, thank you for sharing your gift 🙏🏻🖤🤗

  2. Sometimes I feel this way looking at myself in the mirror, then I remind myself I am my own person and not a character in someone else’s story.

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