[481] My Eyes Desire You

Future halts ⁣
when eyes desire⁣
a glimpse of the past⁣
There was no me ⁣
in the flow state of ⁣
hearing you be you⁣
Now I carry my existence⁣
to fill the cavity of you⁣

Hedonistic tendencies ⁣
fill the spiritual void ⁣
There is awareness ⁣
but of my doomed state⁣
There is tranquillity ⁣
but of being lost in melancholy⁣

My hurt feelings hurt ⁣
who want to rescue⁣
As I live for the chase⁣
of capturing the fleeting⁣
reproductions of my ⁣
eternal feelings for you

Still image from my upcoming short film ‘Nayan Tarse (Eyes Desire)’. Coming this month!

18 thoughts on “[481] My Eyes Desire You

  1. Wow Rahul, this piece is breathtaking. I always marvel at the flow and deep meaning you create…it’s just stunning! I especially love that first stanza, so powerful! And wow, you have a short film coming?!? I can’t wait!!! Keep shining, always 🖤🤗💫

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