[482] Aimless Walks to Find an Aim

Look over your shoulder⁣
to find a soul piercing glance⁣
Avoid it to not be terrorised⁣
Face it to go through a change⁣

catches you off guard⁣
a heavy feeling that expands⁣
fear galore⁣
Paralysis analysis of ⁣
what could have been⁣
Confusion bleeds through your words⁣

the gaze makes you aware⁣
of all the benign things that add⁣
into a snowball of old age regret⁣
So you confess and so you repent⁣

And then it begins⁣
the aimless walks ⁣
the search for an aim⁣
with options galore ⁣
Dreams return as symbols⁣
for you to understand⁣
them to be a premonition⁣
of this journey of finding⁣
your calling that you lacked

Art by Walter M. Miller Jr

10 thoughts on “[482] Aimless Walks to Find an Aim

  1. Wow Rahul, I am speechless. This is so beautiful, deep and powerful. I especially love that last stanza! Your work always resonates deeply in my soul, thank you for sharing your inspiring gifts 🖤🤗

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