[483] It’s Been A While

Mysterious ways of realising⁣
things of the past and its uprising⁣
Dullness of the mind and the lure of⁣
money to entice the passionless plight⁣
Surrounded ourselves with the beauty of art⁣
in hopes that it will rub off on our docility⁣
but instead, the art finds itself trapped ⁣
in the logical frame, we’ve placed it in⁣

The need for a structure ⁣
The need for a calling ⁣
I walked in darkness ⁣
these past few days ⁣
They passed me by ⁣
like I could bend time⁣
but time passed me by⁣
in hopes that I will understand⁣
all that I can’t tell myself ⁣
in a straight sentence ⁣
The truth, always in a lie⁣

The need of this poem⁣
only so I can hear my scream⁣
subdued by the fallacy of ⁣
all that I failed to conquer ⁣
In hopes that my hope ⁣
blooms into action ⁣
and my potential ⁣
realises its mental image⁣
Till then I will try⁣
It’s been a while

Art by Chesley Bonestell, ‘The Milky Way Galaxy from a Hypothetical Planet,’ 1975

21 thoughts on “[483] It’s Been A While

  1. Art is a catharsis and I am glad you share it with me. It’s a difficult time for creatives right now but in the struggle of your words I find hope. Thank you.

  2. Wow Rahul, this is so deeply and powerfully beautiful. Your words carry such meaning and strength, I can feel the energy in each line. I especially love that 2nd stanza, it’s breathtaking and I resonate with the feelings you describe. Another gem, my friend. Thank you 🙏🏻

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