[484] Infinite Reflections of Me

My presence is devoid of attention ⁣
My focus flows through a prism ⁣
Only if I could focus on the⁣
all encompassing waves of energy⁣
and nourish my flaws into a study of present

All the ways of my ascension⁣
are blocked by my own accord⁣
Stones stop the silence in my river⁣
as I fear the breaking of my bones⁣
or the destruction of my righteousness⁣

Fear shapeshifts in all my worst decisions⁣
The lure of no action and the fallacy ⁣
of fragile ego flows through them⁣
When all I need to do is give into my nature⁣
and let its brushstrokes finish the painting⁣
into its selfless form of expression of the absolute

Art by M.C. Escher

7 thoughts on “[484] Infinite Reflections of Me

  1. I am blown away yet again, Rahul!!! I truly love this piece, ever single line of it. That second stanza resonates the most, so deeply and vulnerably written. Your pieces are always infinite reflections of my mind’s wonders 😉🤗. Well done 🖤🖤

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