[485] The Harsh Truth

The creation of a downfall⁣
Self-sabotage for the wicked⁣
A mirrorless reflection⁣
lies in the space between⁣
Grappling for truth or⁣
grappling for you ⁣
It doesn’t matter to ⁣
find in vain the real you⁣

Bones crackle to delude⁣
the path of the wicked ⁣
Mist follows their vision⁣
as smoke consumes the⁣
cloud that rains acid ⁣
The feelings land on a ⁣
rainless path of infertile emotion⁣

Lack of guile⁣
The turning of the wicked⁣
The reflection reveals its artifice⁣
A void that stares back at you⁣
A past that writes the future⁣
A future that hides your truth⁣
A truth that evades to ⁣
save you from the real you

Painting by Montserrat Gudiol

11 thoughts on “[485] The Harsh Truth

  1. Wow Rahul, those last four lines truly stick with me…what powerful words! This entire piece is so stunning and deeply beautiful. I am in awe yet again! Always a treat to read your work, my dear friend 🖤🤗

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