[487] Lessons Learned

All that remains ⁣⁣
is a folk tale misremembered⁣⁣
the dust accumulated ⁣⁣
amidst the ruins of all that became⁣⁣
All that survives ⁣⁣
is a feeling gone by ⁣⁣
in the form of a song⁣⁣
of lyrical lies⁣⁣
A knife isn’t as sharp ⁣⁣
as the silence tonight⁣⁣
A fly on the wall ⁣⁣
is disturbed at its might⁣⁣
The bird’s eye view ⁣⁣
is a reminder of the insignificance⁣⁣
and the death of today’s news⁣⁣
a final nail in the coffin of permanence

Painting by By collage artist @dynamodoh

5 thoughts on “[487] Lessons Learned

  1. “A knife isn’t as sharp as the silence tonight…” My night is like that… and I am embracing the silence. It’s nice! <3

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