[62] Social Media Detox: Day 1

Living inside ideas of another men and women is what we have been doing since the dawn of man. Novels, movies, stories, even the social constructs are us living in an idea of another men and women. It seems perfect and quaint until we start questioning it because some ideas are faded in their authenticity in its present form. But as they have been around for ages, questioning it requires a conviction and standing in a society that could cause the masses to change their views. And they don’t like to be called wrong, ever.

Social media is the newest construct where the connectivity between people has caused a large-scale exchange of ideas battling for attention. Such has been the impact that the small size-packaged ideas have caused the attention span of people to go to its lowest forms. Tweets, click-bait headlines, viral videos are the tools of promotion now. Virality or wide spread impact of a “product” is the goal of the ideas now. Everything is about branding now.

We’ve lost the brutal honesty with which we want to express ourselves and the world around us so much so that the very own “brutal honesty” is a branding technique now. There is a certain requirement for this controlled dissemination of information from an individual or a group because words are now twisted and bent and given a whole new meaning altogether in seconds of its release. And for the ones not paying attention, they follow the herd and don’t go into the details of the intended meaning of those words.

The first day of my social media detox was met with these thoughts coming in my head. That with the restriction of not knowing what others are doing, saying, thinking, showing has caused a great deal of introspection on my part.

Whenever I press the home button on my cell phone, my immediate impulse is to go check Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. But being unable to do that has helped me find better ways to entertain myself.

Reading book is a form of living in someone’s idea that they have developed after thinking about it for a long time. It is quite better than being online.


Norwegian Wood

I’ve read 100 pages in a day of Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood” and have finished the astounding novel.

Some thoughts on it:

– The novel is a great example of the perfect form of literature in my opinion, which has “simplicity in its complexity“.

– A realistic novel, unlike Murakami’s other novels, Norwegian Wood takes its name from a Beatles song of the same name. The plot of the book is quite simple but its treatment and prose are what makes it captivating.

– The characters of the book are a lost cause, and the meaning I inferred is of that you cannot save anyone unless they want themselves to be saved.

– There are a lot of pop culture references in terms of books and especially music. This only shows Murakami’s leaning towards the Western culture.

– This part of Murakami’s character is what draws me towards him. Because the metropolis India is going through a similar path, with strong Western and European influence where we are watching more of Western films and reading more of Western novels instead of their Indian counterparts. This causes a different way of thinking from the rest of the country as the ideas in those shows, movies and books are very different from the culture India has.

– The conflict between being Indian and being attracted towards the western culture is what I would like to think more about. Also, how to find the balance between these two and maybe learning new things about my own country by studying another is the goal.

11 thoughts on “[62] Social Media Detox: Day 1

  1. Isn’t it amazing all the things you have time for when you put down social media? I’m on a similar journey myself. Glad to hear your encouraging experiences and looking forward to reading more!

  2. Social media detox, eh? Not a bad idea. I’m on my own media detox of sorts, thanks to Neil Postman. I can’t avoid it all completely, but I avoid a great deal of the news, and the noise, and those durn commercials. Been doing that for a few years. It’s great.

    1. Can I read somewhere about your experience?

      Social Media Detox was the best decision I made in a long time. Cleared my mind, less of wasting it on useless scrolling on facebook.

      Worth it!

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