[63] Social Media Detox Day 2 – Day 10

Confusion. Bewilderment. Brink of insanity. Web of lies. Complications.

These words describe the situations I’ve been in before I left Social Media. Getting immersed in a scroll fest of unnecessary information that fed tiredness to my brain was the schedule whenever I had free time.

The Changes

During day 2 to day 5 whenever I pressed the home button, the impulse was to check Instagram, twitter and facebook. Now, instead of doing that I put my phone aside and check up on a book instead.

Day 2 to Day 7 were difficult as fever gripped me and drained me of my concentration. But now as I am free from its grips, I’m reflecting more on the consequences of no social media and how it gives you freedom from a Kafkaesque and Orwellian world.

Reflections on Social Media’s Real Impact

A constant bombardment of unformed thoughts and quick-witted (quick-stupidities) thinking was on the menu of our lives. Twitter, a space for exhuming negativity from your mind to let it be consumed by others, to listen to your rants, frustrations, confusions. Which is quite necessary but if its the only thing you are, then solutions will never arrive to make you a better person.

Language plays quite an important role in shaping our thoughts and opinions, and due to social media, we are observing the same type of content with the same type of lingos and opinions that let you slide in easily in the line with the herd. Also, making you a factory product of the same type of thinking. You start saying ready made phrases from the media and the internet and your opinion is masquerading as your original opinion but in reality, it is something you read.

Conclusion: Am I missing out?

I’m probably missing out on a lot of stuff that is permeating mutual friends like some articles, videos, memes, gossip. Some of it will actually be of use to me but what I’m doing now is consuming content of my knowing and understanding that is different to what others are consuming through word of mouth.

The requirement of constant dopamine is causing withdrawals in the form of cheating to go on Reddit or have the desire to check your twitter notifications. But the withdrawal seems under control now as I look for more meaningful and deep work done by people.

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