[61] Challenge: Quitting Social Media For A Month

The aim for any creative person is consistent productivity.

And the roadblock that many are facing is constant interruption through their phones, social media addiction, procrastination watching cat videos or having anxiety because of news that has an indirect response to us.

The roadblock to the roadblock i.e. the resistance to quit this interference is the “missing out syndrome”. If I am not constantly available through social media I will miss out a big happening or opportunity of work that can come my way. I will miss the latest news or gossip that everyone will be talking about the next day. People will forget about us, and when we come back it will seem like a stunt to them.

Most of the concerns do not concern us directly and that is a bias that we need to get rid off. Quitting social media will help us have a chain of thought for once, a thought that is original. We will stop living in another person’s idea and create our own. During this period we could do work that requires sitting, deep thinking and involvement on our part that transcends a tweet like thinking process. We shall stop creating content that lacks simplicity in its complexity and starts making meaningful creations that strike a chord with its viewer.

If it’s really important people can contact us through message or drop a call.

Instead of reading about people’s experiences of quitting social media I thought that I will quit it and experience it first-hand. I am not addicted to blogging as my declining streams of posts may tell you so I will try to consistently update my thoughts and reflections on my experience through a thread of blog posts titled “Quitting Social Media: The Experience”. The detox trip will last for a month, starting from tomorrow.

I hope to accomplish:

  1. Less Stress and Anxiety.
  2. More productivity.
  3. Getting rid of an addiction.
  4. When I come back to social media, I won’t feel the need for it.
  5. Get original ideas and rewire my thinking.
  6. Complete my pending work.
  7. Self-Confidence.
  8. Get rid of glossophobia (fear of speaking in public)
  9. Form real genuine connections.
  10. Make an action plan for my future
  11. Read more
  12. Watch more movies
  13. Analyse more
  14. Become an idea bank
  15. Live a better life

P.S. Most of the people think that being disconnected with Social Media will only be a boon. I won’t have that confirmation bias, and will also inform you all about the things I’ll be missing, the effects it can have on personal and professional life. Both sides of the story are necessary to arrive at a conclusion.

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