[215] Afraid

ever since i lost my dreams
i’ve learned to sleepwalk in the dark
it’s familiar, learning to walk again
shades of light, i try to hold on again

cries of melting flashes of emotions
that we hold sacred in our minds
it’s a secret unknown how we
get lost and then we find
ourselves again in the process of
a shot in the dark like
we’re building nightmares and
learning to live with them
no sudden jolt to wake up

imagine snowfall in the dark
footsteps that vanish away
shadows that have ceased to exist
you know why you’re screaming
but you can’t really find the words to say
because you’re alone in this wilderness of loneliness
no one’s going to save you but the beings inside your head

13 thoughts on “[215] Afraid

  1. ‘We’re building nightmares’ – I think that that’s such a resonant and beautiful image. I’ve been away from WordPress for far too long, and seeing your words again has been amazing. x

  2. Bad dreams are temporary, our journey as well. Holding on to the things which propel us in the direction of good ones gives us less insecure moments. This is a well-written piece, Rahul!

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