[216] Seasonal Existence

i look at winter falling
on your shoulders
from far away but do you know
where I am winter doesn’t
envelope darkness like it does
where you are. I understand.

I don’t know my place in the world
I’m always stuck between seasons
Right now it’s the autumn of our memories
where I step on brown wilted leaves
to get to where I want to be
to be near your apathy. I need.

I watch your rosy face in the summer
It’s not natural for summer to come after winter
but I’ve made a deal with time for you
just to spend a moment or a half with you
To be around your youthful energy
i pay the price of gravity ignoring me 
for taking in your ignorance. To go.

6 thoughts on “[216] Seasonal Existence

  1. I think that the idea that you’re defying eternal and intangible forces like ‘gravity’ and ‘time’ is so powerful – it’s almost as though the speaker is made half-immortal through the power of their emotions. The first image of winter ‘falling/ on your shoulders’ is just SO beautiful. I can already feel the weight of snow, and I’m now hoping that your poem sends some snow into the real world too (as I’ve been missing it). x

    1. It will send some soon I hope. That was the idea to make the scale of an internal story larger than what it actually is. I’m glad you got it! Thank you 😊

  2. Sometimes I cannot believe the talent of some of the writers on this site. Rahul you should self publish your work. It’s amazing. The rhythm you have just grips a reader. I can’t even describe it. I love reading your work.

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