[259] About Confidence

Righteous rebels
devouring fast food for knowledge
Forming systematic methods
of slow suicides
by reading headlines as speeches
by reading speeches as laws

The excitement of a person
also reveals their insecurities
hidden behind their energies
that dismiss the calm of their voice
The louder the sound
the fickle the idea behind the thought

No methods to their madness
Invisible rules
cloaked by empty confidence
They don’t know the game they play
No methods
Only in madness they lay

10 thoughts on “[259] About Confidence

      1. Sure hope so. And I’m sure that a breakthrough is seldom made in any field/subject/objective where one is completely satisfied with and sure about all aspects and explanations. Doubt/discontent/unhappiness may be the primary catalysts for change, as far as I feel. I haven’t really heard of a time when someone said “I’m completely satisfied, happy, and sure about this – so I need to change it”.

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