[281] New Ending/Beginning

I wrote small words
before I met her
Now I find myself writing them
in the grandest of strokes
She salvages all my
crumpled paper mistakes
and glues them back together
to reveal an exhibition of my improvement

She made me understand that silences
donโ€™t necessarily need distraction but
sometimes it just needs listening
She made me realise that
most of the learnings of life
are to be applied for sometimes and
not for every time for they burn you out

I understood from the way
she carried herself
the need to pleasure yourself
before you begin to please others
We understood that some endings
might really be endings
but some of them are just a new beginning

7 thoughts on “[281] New Ending/Beginning

  1. Most endings give us the room for new beginnings. Ya gotta let go of something to have a free hand to grab on to what’s next in store for you. At least that’s been my experience. Seems like you are realizing that, too. <3

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