[282] together we’re apart

Is it peace or the calm
before the storm?
My nimble fingers force my eyes close
to forget all the frequencies that I find
clashing when my focus tries to
pull together a semblance of an insight into us

Forget all the disturbance
in the frequencies between us
Forget all the distance
that’s increasing by our silence
Remember the skipping of the heart and
remember the reason of your crying

Listen to your mind when it’s
living in the moment
Listen to your smile when it’s
fitting with your emotion
I know it can get hard
to live in extreme duality
You known it can be tough
to keep secrets in your sleep

We’re listening when we’re looking
We’re looking when we’re feeling
Isn’t that all there is?
To be there when we’re needed

7 thoughts on “[282] together we’re apart

  1. Well, there is more than just being there when you’re needed. It’s anticipating the need – and being there to circumvent the trouble if you can. It’s being there even when you’re not needed, just because you care. Looking, listening, feeling, responding… and so much more! No, “that” isn’t all there is!

    1. Fully understand that. This poetry isn’t a whole emotion though. It’s trying to capture a raw emotion at a particular point of time rather than deliver an all encompassing moral message.

      But thanks for the advice. Much appreciated as always 🙂

      1. Thanks for the explanation. My comment wasn’t intended to be “advice,” just a reaction. Your poem was very thought-provoking! Did I mention that I really like it?

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