[371] Fire in My Eyes

My daily life is mostly a daze
Involved in living the next moment
Taking part in the uselessness of scrolling
Just to be away from living in my head
But there comes this moment in the day
Where everything is sky blue clear
And it arrives like the everyday morning sun
where I forget apathy, pity, validation, distraction
and I am overcome by another entity
guiding my thoughts
helping me travel
under the tip of the iceberg

The entity reveals the potential
of all that I thought I didn’t know
But still knew it enough to be hypnotised by it
and accept it as normal as breathing
It also reveals all that I don’t know
and how it’s always within my reach
once I pluck myself out of my head
If I flow through my thoughts
and don’t fear the thought I fear the most
I can overcome it with a burning courage
and then I’ll be
able to see the other side
The rupture, the abode of the entity
The heaven in the mind and
I’ll finally reach a point
where my whole soul will smile
through my eyes

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