[24] Shapeless Blur

[24] Shapeless Blur

I try to be a shapeless blur that no one notices Curious about the ways I can hide myself Under the garb of jokes and stretched lips Under the static sound of nothingness that puts me to sleep Behind the curtains of clothes to hide my naked self Behind her strength when she puts her point across [...]

[6] I don’t know.

How much do you believe your role model? How much do you believe the philosophers that walked on this planet? How much do you believe anyone who says anything? Every word I spew, write, slice, reflect, shoot on this page is a manifestation of the experience of my tiny existence. And our experience is limited? [...]

[3]Thoughts on thoughts.

...With every passing day, I discover new things about myself, others, about the world. How can we store the sudden bursts of thoughts we have? How do we find a way to recall that same emotion that we felt when we first had thought and with the same intensity? ...My resilience was in sync with [...]

[1] Clarity.

Clarity is what I seek. To listen to my thoughts and know that every word that springs up in my stream of consciousness, it is there for a reason. A normal day in my life looks like an organised mess. Organised because I know that I have to wake up every day, go to college, [...]