[100] Keeping It Inside

He slept on her side
But his mind was above
Like a cloud full of rain
Waiting to just burst
But he watched her go to peace
One of those rare times
While he simmered up inside
An effort to stay still
An effort to let this night by

He couldn’t understand
All the things she didn’t say
All the lies she didn’t speak
All the love she didn’t waste
All the nights of stormy looks
Turned to watching her in peace
While he simmered up inside
A cloud that could have burst
But decided to stay still
Just to let this night by

29 thoughts on “[100] Keeping It Inside

  1. There’s a lot of feelings in this. On the surface, it does indeed appear beautiful but reading the words, and the messages they try to hide, as the people in the poem, there is a sad truth. You have covered this very honestly in a manner, I’m sure, others can relate to. Well done!

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